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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts.

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ADAP Enrollment

In order to enroll in the Florida ADAP, follow these four steps.

Step 1 Apply for eligibility

Before you can be enrolled in ADAP, you must be determined eligible to receive HIV/AIDS Patient Care Services through the Patient Care Eligibility screening process. Contact your local ADAP Office for more information. Once you have been determined eligible, please be sure to bring the Eligibility Letter with you to the ADAP Office for enrollment.

The HIV/AIDS Patient Care Eligibility Process will request and review the following:

  • Proof of HIV+ status
  • Florida Residency
  • Insurance Screening: Medicaid, Medicare, Private and others
  • Proof of Income (400% of the Federal Poverty Level)

Step 2 Schedule your ADAP Appointment

To learn how you can schedule an appointment with ADAP:

  • Call the local County Health Department and speak with an ADAP staff member
  • Call Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline English: 1-800-352-2437 (1-800-FLA-AIDS) Espanol: 1-800-545-7432 (1-800-545-SIDA) Kreyol: 1-800-2437-101 (1-800-AIDS-101) TTY: 1-888-503-7118

Step 3 Enroll in ADAP

Once you have been determined eligible for Patient Care Core Eligibility (Step 1), and scheduled your ADAP appointment (Step 2), you can move forward with ADAP enrollment.

  What is needed for ADAP Enrollment?

  • The Patient Care Core Eligibility Letter
  • CD4 and Viral Load Labs less than 6 months old
  • Valid prescription(s) for medication on the ADAP Formulary
  • Insurance Documentation, if applicable.

What if I have Insurance, but cannot afford the medication?

There are several Insurance exceptions that will allow a person to enroll into ADAP.

  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicaid Share-of-Cost
  • No Brand Name Coverage
  • No Prescription Coverage
  • Open Enrollment
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Cap
  • Unaffordable Co-payment

Step 4 Get your prescriptions filled

Counties that have an onsite pharmacy may be able to fill your prescriptions the same day. Counties that do not have an onsite pharmacy, the ADAP prescriptions will be ordered from the Departments Central Pharmacy and delivered to the county within a week.

A valid form of identification will be needed in order to pick up prescriptions. Make sure you take your prescriptions as it was prescribed by your doctor. For more information about prescriptions, please refer to the ADAP Formulary Section.


If you do not qualify for ADAP, you may still qualify for Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) and for Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). There are over 180 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies that provide free or low-cost drugs for individuals who can not afford to pay for them. Each program has specific Eligibility criteria and coverage