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Tattoo/Permanent Make-up/Microblading

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All businesses that offer conventional tattoos and/or cosmetic tattoos (i.e. permanent make-up or microblading) are required to obtain BOTH a tattoo establishment permit AND a Biomedical Waste permit from the Florida Department of Health prior to operating and annually.

All individuals who wish to perform tattooing, including permanent make-up and/or microblading, are required to obtain a tattoo artist permit from the Florida Department of Health prior to performing tattooing and annually.

Florida laws prohibit tattooing any minor less than 16 years of age (*except under certain medical situations). Florida laws require written, notarized permission of the parent or legal guardian to tattoo any minor between the ages of 16-18 years of age using the state form DH 4146 , 7/12, Minor Consent Form.

How do I apply for a permit to provide conventional or cosmetic tattoo services in Martin County?

Contact us at 772-221-4090 and request to speak to an inspector who works in the Program. Tattoo artists are required to apply through the county in which they live.

Tattooing Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information, including the laws governing tattoo and/or permanent make-up facilities in Florida?

Where can I find results of tattoo establishment inspections?

The Department maintains inspection data for Tattoo establishments. 


The Florida Department of Health urges individuals to be aware of the risks associated with getting a "temporary black henna tattoo." The department has received reports of allergic reactions and injuries, including permanent scarring of the skin from temporary black henna tattoos that are popular with those who want to enjoy a "temporary" tattoo. Additional information can be found here.