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Special Medical Needs Shelter

Fl Dept of Health in Martin County

The Martin County Special Medical Needs Shelter is located at Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School, 7000 Atlantic Ridge Drive, Stuart. Registration is required, please call the Martin County Emergency Management Agency/Voluntary Special Needs Program: (772) 287-1652.

Who is Eligible? Martin County Residents:

  • Who are dependent on electricity for oxygen therapy or other similar equipment.
  • Who have chronic illnesses, who need assistance and are medically stable.
  • Who are dependent on others for daily living activities.

What is available at the special medical needs shelter:

  • Limited medical personnel.
  • Cots that are 12”- 18” from the ground (heads do not elevate on some cots).
  • Basic meals (no special diets)


  • Transportation is available through Martin County Emergency Management.
  • See registration form for more information.

What to bring from home:

  • Medications to last seven (7) days. They must be in their original labeled containers (both prescription and over the counter).
  • All personal medical equipment and supplies.
  • Bedding, pillows and blankets.
  • Personnel care items, clothing, jackets/sweaters.
  • Special diet foods and snacks.
  • Contact information for doctors, family, service providers and emergency contacts.
  • Books, magazines, cards and games.
  • Caregivers are required to come to the shelter to continue to provide care.

We do everything to provide a safe haven of last resort to residents who require special medical assistance. We do not have the facilities of a hospital and are limited in the ability to provide complex medical care and assistance. 

The Special Needs Shelter cannot accommodate the needs of pregnant women who are in labor or at risk of delivery. Pregnant women who have these conditions should contact their physician or midwife for advice prior to emergency evacuation.

Residents living in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes are not eligible to register for the Special Needs Shelter. These facilities are required to have emergency evacuation plans for their residents.

Qualify - How do I register?

Fill out the Special Needs Online Registration. Mail the completed form to:

Voluntary Special Needs Program
Martin County Emergency Management Agency
800 SE Monterey Road, 2nd Floor
Stuart, Florida 34994

For questions: (772) 287-1652